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Get Involved



Lorain County Rising is actively working with the League of Women Voters of the Oberlin Area and Ohio progressive leaders on these primary initiatives in support of the 2018 primary election in May and general election in November:

  • Voter registration
  • Redistricting reform (Issue 1 on the ballot in May) and Fair Districts signature-gathering
  • Voter engagement and participation through postcard parties and calls to Members of Congress
  • Fundraising for local and State candidates


According to the new website, “Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio is a broad coalition of good-government groups that is working to pass an amendment to the Ohio constitution to reform our procedures and criteria for drawing new congressional district boundaries following each decennial census.” We need 600,000 signatures to get the amendment on the ballot for 2018. Sign up to volunteer to collect signatures for congressional redistricting reform!

Learn more about redistricting, and, specifically, “gerrymandering” and its affects on Ohio voters:

Gerrymandering charts

Indivisible Guide

Here’s what the folks at Indivisible are saying about January 2018:

Congress will have a full plate when it gets back to DC. The Senate is expected to return on January 3, and the House is expected to return January 8. Here’s what we know will happen and what could happen. Learn more here.

You can search for local events, download the canvassing toolkit, watch helpful videos, and more right here.


Lorain County Rising invites you to join one or more of these workgroups:

  • Elections
  • Information/Research
  • Mobilization/Action

For other volunteer opportunities, please contact us.